Who are you? Quick Eng

Who are you?

Type 1

A perfectionist, driven to do the "right" thing. Often critical of self as well as others, with a strongly developed sense of responsibility. Prone to repressed anger.

Type 2

A helper, needing to be needed. Will go the extra mile to please others at the cost of taking care of self. Gives and is proud of it, but strings are often attached.

Type 3

An achiever, efficient, goal-driven and focused on being a "winner." Concern with appearances-style over substance-can crowd out friends, family and self-awareness.

Type 4

An individualist, craving self-expression and emotional depth. Sensitive to beauty and meaning, but prone to melancholy, feelings of inadequacy, and envy.

Type 5

An observer, perceptive and capable of synthesizing information in new ways. Protective of privacy and personal resources and prone to emotional detachment.

Type 6

A team-player-or a rebel-vigilant for threats from the environment. Loyal and engaging, but full of contradictions which create self-doubt and indecisiveness.

Type 7

An enthusiast with a perpetual surplus of plans and ideas, eager for experiences and/or material goods. Habitual optimism may cover a fear of boredom and pain.

Type 8

A leader, driven to control self and environment, capable of both domination and protectiveness. Vulnerabilities and a tender heart are hidden beneath a tough exterior.

Type 9

A peacemaker, good at seeing all points of view and easily distracted from personal needs and priorities. Avoids direct confrontation but can be passive and immovable.