SEVENS - By Joshua French

Spotting and Understanding Sevens



Sevens believe that the world is boring and painful so making their own fun is important. Once they accept the present moment, and realise the limitless joy that is to be found there, they are free.  


PictureSevens are quite easy to identify because they are full of energy and positivity as a philosophy of life and this is seen in their movements, clothing and general aura. They are restless and often doing something with their hands and looking around them to see what is going on. They will wear whatever makes them feel good and sexy, regardless of what others might deem as tasteful, so there is a striking, exuberant and colourful style of dress. They are smiley and charismatic, and it is hard to ignore a Seven when they walk into a room.

Friends, Family and Other Relationships

Sevens are usually great fun: game players, story-tellers and party animals. They are less good at focusing on one thing for a long period of time, so may seem fickle, giving you lots of intense attention at one point, and then going off and doing something else soon after. They can be monogamous or may have lots of short-term partners…  the attention is the thing that wanders. Fun is their priority.


Sevens will not usually see they have difficulties. They are optimistic and resourceful and don’t like to dwell on things that might go wrong. However, there can be a manic quality in their searching for new fun experiences and acquisitions – each one holds the promise of being satisfying but it never is because they are always running from the present moment. I have known a few Sevens who find it so hard to grieve or deal with traumatic experiences that they ignore the difficult-to-process feelings and stay buoyant until they end up with psychological difficulties later down the line.

In the video below, Freddie Mercury is the Seven.

As Children 

They are happy and lively and find it hard to keep their attention on one thing. Sevens in particular never seem to grow up and they retain a playful, childish, carefree attitude later in life.

At Work 

Sevens bring their love of fun into the workplace and can be creative and energetic people to have around. They can also be unreliable and work in a scatty, slapdash manner.

Talking Style 

Sevens want to enjoy everything so they will use wit, storytelling and a dramatic tone heighten the pleasure of the act of talking.
NB For all these descriptions, you will notice that they seem a bit negative. This is I wanted to show the ego clearly and vividly, warts and all, as the cause of suffering. Of course, there are plenty of happy and healthy people freeing themselves from the ego. I know lovely, healthy people of each enneagram fixation.  Click here for examples of very healthy types.
Click here if you are a Seven and you want guidance towards more happiness.