EIGHTS BY Joshua French

Spotting and Understanding Eights



Eights believe that it is up to them to be a powerful force in the world. They can be free when they accept that they don’t need to try to impose themselves.  If they accept the present moment and go with the flow of the universe, then they have found true power.


Eights have an forceful energy that is noticeable, regardless of their stature. Often aggressive but not always so, when an Eight is around their presence dominates. They hold steady eye-contact that shows you they are in control. The main thing I’ve noticed about an Eight’s style is that they reflect their own self-worth. The Eight believes they deserve the best so they will treat themselves to quality clothes, shoes, haircuts and beauty/fitness regimes.

Friends, Family and Other Relationships

Eights can be very protective and loving but there is usually an forceful/aggressive side to their relationships. They can use playful bullying as a way of interacting with their friends which can be intimidating to some. They will show their dominance with regularity and can (for the sake of it) argue against whatever opinions or ideas you have.


Eights feel they are just being assertive and not wishy-washy and can be confused by the upset they can cause others. 

As Children

From an early age, Eights will show they are not afraid of others, whatever age, which can make them very easy for teachers to spot in the classroom because they can be the worst behaved and most vocal. They are also the archetypal playground bully.

At Work 

Eights are natural bosses and will like to take control of projects if possible. Alan Sugar and Donald Trump are both Eights, so you can see that Eights are not people who have much time for people pleasers or inefficiency. Of course, not all Eights are bosses but Eights tend to enforce their views strongly and forcefully at their workplace.

Talking Style

Eights speak confidently and clearly and don’t hold back with their opinions about things. They like arguing  because it is a way of asserting dominance. Eights will often take the opposing stance, not really caring about the topic, just wanting to spar.