Enneagram Test


1) For each number, READ "a" and "b" statements carefully and choose ONE of them.
2) Enter the value of 1 for "a" and 2 for "b" in "UR AN" column
3) Even if some of the statements of "a" or "b" are not completely applicable to you, you must choose ONE of them.
4) Complete all the 36 pairs of statements.
5) NOW, GO TO THE BOTTOM  of the sheet and write down your scores for EACH of the NINE NUMBERS in your score sheet.
6) Verify that the total score of the 9 nos is 36.
7) You can find short explanations of your personality if you click the highest score numbers at the bottom: 1,2,3,4.... and on your scores.
8) If you have two or three numbers with the same scores, you can verify yours by reading the explanation.